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This Week at One Property Source

November 5th, 2010

This week has really flown by. All of us had a lot going on.


We received the first draft of our website design and it looks fabulous. The staff at STP Ventures is amazing. If this is the first draft, let me just say, the final draft is going to be AMAZING!!


Paul took a trip last weekend down a set of cement steps and had to have surgery. So, Monday morning, the rest of us hopped in Ed’s car and car pooled to Paul’s house to meet. He gave us all a bag of Rasinettes and for me chocolate=brain power!!! He has been in the office some this week and hope he has a speedy recovery. I sure do miss hearing the Cupid Shuffle five times a day when Paul isn’t here!


Last night Ed and I presented at the Metrolina REIA Concord subgroup meeting. We talked to the members about how to utilize social media to grow their businesses. We had some great food and had a chance to talk with some really great people.


One Property Source’s sister company Locus Real Estate Advisors has signed on 3 new brokers. The Locus team keeps growing and we are very excited to have them on-board.


Stay tuned later today to for this weeks Friday Fun Fact.

Written by: Lauren Dendy

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But more importantly, Pattinson’s character in the film, Eric Packer, is dressed in one of Gucci’s signature silhouettes exclusively -- a black two button notch lapel Signoria suit. The impeccably tailored ensemble Pattinson dons in the film is paired with a fitted white cotton shirt, slim black silk tie, leather belt with silver buckle detail and black leather lace up dress shoes.

I mean, it's very, very hard not to move. Try it for two hours! Just try it. When you can move, you have to move your muscles not to move. So in fact you're always contracted, so it's exhausting. At the end of each day, I couldn't do anything. It's like if I'd done an action film! It was action to do that.

Most of the 12 pieces are black and white. But there is a bit of color and shine: a very cool red leather motorcycle jacket, a slinky silver sequined dress and a red and purple camo print stretch jersey dress we've got our eyes on. 


Spencer & Jason: After last week's reveal that Spencer and Jason have the same father, more secrets are unraveled, one of which is a box that Alison had that contained letters from Jason's mom and Spencer's dad -- with envelopes of $5,000 each. It's not Spencer's father who was blackmailed, it's discovered during the episode, so who was it? Mystery still unsolved.


Over on Fox, Lady Gaga and Rob Marshall's guest judging stints on So You Think You Can Dance (5.3 million, 1.7) boosted ratings 6 percent compared to last Thursday's telecast, but Dance ranked third in its 8 p.m. time slot.

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There was a certainly a discernable lightness of touch in the way the silk voile, taffeta and tulle had been crafted into nude strapless cocktail frocks, ruched pencil skirts and bold, bright trenchcoats. But studded belts, dramatic high patent heels and dark shades kept the balance, punching a masculine jolt into an otherwise quintessentially feminine collection.

But the Michelle Dockery who appears in a huge fashion spread in the September Harper's Bazaar is another creature entirely. With her dark hair flowing, Dockery is decked out in gowns by Tom Ford, J. Mendel and Alberta Ferretti, looking as contemporary as she does elegant and dramatic.


The series continues to hold its own with new judges this season. On average, it has retained 93 percent of its audience in the 18-49 demo, and 99 percent of total viewers.


NBC ranked fifth Wednesday with Minute to Win It (1.2, 4.2 million) up 20 percent from its March 16 episode. A rerun of Law & Order: SVU sunk to a 1.1 rating with 4 million. But a new episode, guest starring Rose McGowan (watch a clip), averaged a 2.6 rating with 8.7 million viewers, up eight percent compared to its last original in that time slot, Feb. 23.
The CW was last with America's Next Top Model (1.0, 2.2 million) and Shedding for the Wedding (.4, 968,000).

The first trailer for Captain America is here and it's about time.


The evening also had a unifying catch phrase-swagger -- and all three judges -- Steven Tyler, styling in a glam rock cowboy get up, Jennifer Lopez, in this year’s hot spring color, tangerine, and Pinterest fan Randy Jackson-decided to show some real teeth with their judging comments.


Indeed they did. The 2012 show choir champions: New Directions!


An insecure father prepares for a party at his in-laws.

Dresses, shirts and coats, may have looked comparatively plain as they progressed down the catwalk at Gianfranco Ferré, but as they retreated, cutaway backs, huge bows and other design tricks were revealed.

[REC] ³ Genesis (Spain)


Director: Jared Varava

AL I thought I should try and make this song appealing to more than just my fans, so I contacted as many artists as I could think of. I thought, if I can get these successful female singers talking about the single and the reasons behind it on their websites, it will be a start. This is a lifelong commitment; I want to devote

Outside of America, Houston issued The Ultimate Collection in 2007, which is a more traditional hits album and features 18 songs (the bulk of which were not remixed). On the Official U.K. Albums chart, it peaked at No. 3.


The first hour of Glee featured some body swapping, with Tina as Rachel, Kurt as Finn, Rachel as Tina, Blaine as Puck, etc., all due to a crazy dream Tina had. The second half was all about bringing down Vocal Adrenaline.


Movies are rarely made about people of color, and when they are they tend to features characters who are one-dimensional stereotypes, not fully fleshed-out individuals with both good and bad attributes. This film is a noteworthy exception. Adepero Oduye, an American actress of Nigerian descent, gives the breakthrough performance of the year as Alike (pronounced ah-LEE-kay), a young black lesbian coming to terms with her sexuality in a community and family rife with homophobia. It is a story very familiar to the film's writer/director Dee Rees, who wrote it while going through her own "coming-out process," jotting it down on napkins during lunch breaks on the set of her NYU film school mentor Spike Lee's 2006 film Inside Man, on which she served as an intern. She completed a 140-page script, but then needed to turn in a one-act senior thesis for NYU, so she took its first 30 pages and used it as the basis for a short, for which Oduye auditioned wearing her brother's clothes and blew Rees away. The short went to Sundance in 2006, where it was very well-received, and after which Rees and her partner/producer Nekisa Cooper resolved to turn Rees' script into a feature. For the next five years, they fought tirelessly to finance a film that would include the same principal cast (along with Kim Wayans, who people tend to associate with comedy, but who is fantastic in the very serious part of Alike's neglected and intolerant mother), going so far as to sell their home in order to finance an 18-day shoot. Their efforts were rewarded with an invitation to return to Sundance this past January, where the film played like gangbusters, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize, and was picked up for distribution by Focus Features for an end-of-the-year release. For that we should all be grateful, as this is a film that will change outlooks and save lives.




Director: Benjamin Kutsko


Most importantly, he also has a personal stylist, Renelou Padora, whom he brought along to give Kim’s closet a good cleaning in next weeks episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.


Each artist will perform their own hits along with some soul classics. The Roots will serve as the house band with Questlove as musical director.

VIDEO: VH1's Do Something Awards 2011: Hollywood Talks Charity on the Blue Carpet
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2013-08-31 Sun shades for the seaside not simply appear fashionable, but also assist guard the eyes from the sunlight when becoming outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Though a trendy pair might possibly be selected, its significant that sun shades are also practical. The principle purpose of sporting sun shades will be to guard . Supra Muska Skytop Womens High Top Shoes Grey Pink
2013-08-31 Android has majorly contributed to popularize smartphones and tablets. Whenever we go back to 2008 when this technologies was unveiled, it had been challenging to create a statement then about how this cellular working system is going to fare in potential. Probably Google would also be greater than pleased to view it making huge good results. Nike Shox

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January 24, 2012 One Property Source has opened a new office at 501 Faith Road, in Salisbury, NC 28146 and is operated by veteran broker Debbie Miller who has been in this market for over fourteen years. The new OPS Rowan Realty Team has doubled in size in the past few weeks and what was once the third largest firm ... Read More