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About OPS

Have you ever had one of those times when the moon, stars and universe seem to align themselves in your life? Some call it the "Perfect Storm." Others call it luck. No matter what you call it, the serendipitous attraction of all the right participants will culminate into a powerful force, producing magnificent things. This is the story of one such instance.


One Property Source evolved out of a need. In a time when most people were running away from the real estate industry, a couple of guys from Charlotte, NC were getting into the business, unknowingly diving into the worst real estate market in modern history. But yet, the business thrived. How did this happen? How did they get it so right when so many experienced agents had it so wrong? The answer is that they overcame, adapted and found a new way to connect buyers and sellers.


Our Team


After several months of research and development on how to perfect their systems, they brought on the perfect team that could fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. During research and development, they isolated what was working and formulated a strategy, a system, a SOURCE for bringing buyers and sellers together. The decision was to formulate a powerful system that would become the ONE PROPERTY SOURCE for all types of property for all types of users. It has been well received in the brokerage community, with buyers, with sellers, with landlords and tenants and especially with our global neighbors.


There is no telling what changes are in the future for the One Property Source team, but be assured that they will take on any challenge and continue to adapt and evolve in the rapidly changing global real estate market.

Ed McAfee
President & CEO

Ed is a master at conjuring up cutting edge tactics to connect buyers and sellers.

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January 24, 2012 One Property Source has opened a new office at 501 Faith Road, in Salisbury, NC 28146 and is operated by veteran broker Debbie Miller who has been in this market for over fourteen years. The new OPS Rowan Realty Team has doubled in size in the past few weeks and what was once the third largest firm ... Read More